About Me


Gabriella Calchi Novati, PhD

Skype: g.calchinovati
Originally from Milan, Italy, where I worked as the Assistant to the Artistic Director of the Teatro dell'Arte/CRT, I moved to Dublin in 2004, where I completed an MPhil and a PhD in biopolitics and performance studies at Trinity College Dublin. During my time in Ireland, I taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the drama department at Trinity College, and also engaged in art-led activism. In  2015, I relocated to Zurich, Switzerland to pursue a terminal degree in Psychoanalysis at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich. I was awarded the International Diploma in Jungian Psychoanalysis for Adults, Adolescents, and Children in 2022. Building on two decades of Jungian analysis, emotional coaching, and student pastoral care, I offer in-person psychoanalytic sessions in Seefeld, 8008 Zurich, as well as online from all over the world.

As a cultural philosopher, my inquiry has been on that which is invisible to the eye, namely life and its ethical value. For me, life is both human and more-than-human, extending to various forms of nature from animals and insects to mountains and oceans. My academic explorations and my approach to psychoanalysis are inextricably linked. A key example of this interconnection is evident in my scholarship and activism on the affects/effects of institutionalised emotional and physical abuse of children and women in the Republic of Ireland. In collaboration with the Dublin-based 'actionist' and politician Gerard Mannix Flynn, I worked on the role of witnessing through language, images, and actions of those who silently suffered in Industrial Schools, Mother and Baby Homes, and the Magdalene Laundries. For more on my research, click here.

Based on my own personal background, I am well-placed to assist clients who face particular challenges in their daily lives and personal relationships. As an expat, I am particularly attuned to difficulties presented by moving to a new country, from learning the language to negotiating culture shock to adapting to the climate. As a woman, I understand the everyday efforts one faces in confronting patriarchy and privilege, and how this impacts one's personal identity. As an activist, I am familiar with emotional trauma that, being made voiceless, causes in the soul.

Working with verbal and non-verbal techniques, my analytic practice engages with dreams, images, symbols, colours, fairy tales, free associations, artistic/performative expressions, nature, as well as silence. I consider all of these important therapeutic tools to access challenging emotions and troubling feelings. I guide clients through their own journey to better understand the metaphorical meanings of psychological and somatic expressions while, at the same time, I help them to access their hitherto unrealised inner resources. For more information, click here.

'I see only from one point, but in my existence I am looked at from all sides.'

- Jacques Lacan

'Love is the time and space in which "I" assumes the right to be extraordinary.'

- Julia Kristeva

'Enchantment is the oldest form of medicine.'

- C.G. Jung