Gabriella Calchi Novati - MA,  MPhil, PhD
Psychoanalyst, Accredited CGJIZ - IAAP

Psychoanalysis, Dreamwork, Sandplay, Emotional coaching

I am a psychoanalyst, professor, keynotespeaker and cultural philosopher based in Zürich, Switzerland. My academic explorations and approach to psychoanalysis are inextricably linked. By working with and through art, I engage with the powerful effects that non-verbal expressions have on those who have encountered trauma in their lives, and the possibilities that personal creativity have for growth and realisation of the self.

I have been working in and through Jungian analysis for more than 20 years, and specialise in both verbal and non-verbal techniques. My private office is located in the 8008 Seefeld district of Zürich, but I also see clients from around the world via tele-therapy (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, etc.).

Please note that I work by appointment only, no walk - ins.
Method of Work: Finding Your Way
I work with children, adolescents and adults to discover together the inner ressources so as to find their own way of gaining a more balanced emotional well being.

I can assist, if you are grappeling with one or more of the following:

Anxiety, Fobias
Self Esteem Issues
Bullying, Mobbing
Emotional Loneliness
Recurrent Sadness
Existential Uncertainty
Lack of Purpose
Loss, Grieving
Body perception
Cultural Shock, Integration
Personal, Professional and Parenting Issues
Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Nightmares
Constant Tiredness, Depressive Feelings
Psychosomatic Symptoms, i.e. migrane, stomachache, soar throat, backpain etc.

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The 3 Cs of my Professional Ethics: Consideration, Care, and Commitment

Respect for cultural differences, emotional independence, and individual autonomy is held in the utmost regard in my work. All sessions are subject to the obligation of professional confidentiality, which guarantees freedom of expression and complete privacy.

As a psychoanalyst, I have a professional responsibility to create a safe space for emotional investigation and inner development. Personal relationships of any kind, outside of the practice, are strictly prohibited.

I am committed to continuing my personal and professional development. I only engage with processes, methods and techniques that I myself have experienced, and in which I am qualified based on my academic education, psychoanalytic training, ongoing analytical work, and regular peer-supervision.

My fees, if needed, can be adjusted according to your specific life circumstances.

English and Italian